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Who's the best pony of all of Equestria? Tip: It's you.

aww….You’re so sweet~







teacher: derpy

sibling: derpy

bestfriend: derpy

married to: big mac woohoo

enemy: applejack OH SHIT

rescued by: discord

Teacher: Celestia

Sibling: Scoots

Best Friend: Spike

Married to: Fluttershy *yay*

Enemy: Trixie

Rescued by: Discord?

Ok then.

Teacher: Pinkie Pie

Sibling: Rarity

Best Friend: Celestia

Married to: The Great and Powerful Trixie

Enemy: Fluttershy

Rescued by: Big Macintosh.

Why is Fluttershy my enemy? Unless you mean that Smooze obsessed Fluttershy…

Teacher : Scootaloo

Sibiling : Derpy

Best Friend : Luna

Married to : Discord

Enemy : Twilight

Rescued by : Discord

Teacher: Derpy

Sibling: Celestia

Best Friend: Twilight

Married to: Fluttershy (lol what are the odds?)

Enemy: AJ

Rescued by: Celestia

Teacher: Applejack

Sibling: Rarity

Best Friend: Fluttershy

Married to: Fluttershy

Enemy: Derpy

Rescued by:Applejack

Teacher: Discord

Sibling: Discord

Best Friend: Discord


Rescued by: Discord…

Married to:….Luna. Wow. :| 

I have come to the conclusion that a earth pony pomf is a Tailboner... you know, cartoonistic tails suddenly rigid.

Ah. Surprises! Makes A LOT more sense. 

First time a drawing blog responded to my question. 

Another OC Ask blog! Except. With Pictures. Made by my good friend BlowingBomb. 



Are you into anal? It's just a question, I'm fine with any end >///>

….I guess….

*Pulls tail*

*Yelps and slaps the anon*

What did you see inside Flamerunner's hat?

The answer to all life and the true identity of the pyro…